Oncobiomed is a biotechnology company focused on developing, commercializing and licensing technologies associated to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

It was founded in 2002 by researchers and doctors as a spin-off originated at University of Chile with the purpose of transferring innovations in the field of cancer immunotherapy to the market, as TAPCells and LycellvaxTM.

Constituted by highly qualified professionals, such as medical oncologists, clinical immunologists, biologists, biotechnologists, civil engineers, lawyers, oncology nurses and communications professionals, Oncobiomed has a multidisciplinary view and a close link with academia.

Innovative company which recently acquired LycellvaxTM rights. This new technology uses tumour lysates conditioned to treat different cancer types. Though still in an experimental phase, it shares scientific principles with TAPCells, and means an improvement since its production and inoculation is standardised and does not require the collection of blood from the patient.

Board of Directors

Eugenio Rivas
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Cristian Pereda
Biotechnology Engineer

Elena Valderas

Business Team

Raúl Benavente
Industrial Civil Engineer

Carlos Saffie
Technology Transfer
Industrial Civil Engineer, PhD

Clinical Team

Dr. Juan Pablo Miranda
Medical Oncologist

Dr. Milton Larrondo
Clinical Advisor
Haematologist/Clinical Immunologist

Dr. Diego Reyes
Clinical Advisor
Urologist, PhD

Marisol Briones
Clinical Coordinator

Research and Development

Dr. Andrés Tittarelli
Biotechnology Engineer, PhD

Dr. Adnane Achour
International Assistant, PhD

Dr. Iván Flores
Biotechnology Engineer, PhD

Dra. Ariadna Mendoza
International Assistant, PhD

Production and Quality Control

Fabián Tempio
Cell Biologist

Juan Pablo Araya


2020. Brazil grants patent to TAPCells® technology

2020. University of Chile and Oncobiomed sign Licensing Contract N. 2 for LycellVax© with a view to the global market.

2019. Contract with Techlife, of Sao Lucas Group (Collaboration Agreement) to test and validate TAPCells® technology in the Brazilian market, including Clinical Studies under ANVISA regulations.

2019. “TAPCells® Cancer Immunotherapy” scientific presentation before ANVISA, (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) Brazil’s regulatory entity.

2019. LycellVax© technology patent application, “Immunogenic Formulations for Treating Cancer”. USA N. US62/814,756

2018. Research and Markets international report, entitled “Global Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccine Market Dosage Price & Clinical Trials Outlook 2024” highlights TAPCells® as one of the global immunotherapies, “Additionally, a wide range of dendritic cell vaccines entered in different phases of clinical pipeline such as Vaccell in Japan, TAP Cells in Chile, MelCancerVac in North America and Rocapuldencel-T in US”.

2016. Roots Analysis, identifies TAPCells® as one of the global players in dendritic cell-based antitumour technologies in “Dendritic Cell and Tumor Cell Cancer Vaccines Market, 2016-2030”, “In fact, two of the three marketed dendritic cell vaccines, PROVENGE® and TAPCells® (Chile), are approved for treatment of prostate cancer”.

2015. University of Chile and Oncobiomed sign Licensing Contract N. 1 for TAPCells® technology transfer, with a view to the global market.

2015. Chile grants patent to TAPCells® technology.

2015. Oncobiomed establishes a strategic alliance with Fraunhofer Chile through the award of a Corfo Innova project for a second oncological product technology development for the treatment of cancer.

2015. USA grants patent to TAPCells® technology.

2014. Israel grants patent to TAPCells® technology.

2014. Intellectual property experts highlight TAPCells® as one of the most auspicious Chilean patents to compete globally, according to the Financial Journal (Diario Financiero).

2014. Oncobiomed and University of Chile sign licensing contract for TAPCells® technology transfer for national and international market.

2013. TAPCells® is presented as a successful case in the book “Innovation based on scientific knowledge”, published by the Chilean Science Academy.

2012. TAPCells® is selected as a winning project of Farmainnova investment fund.

2012. New Zealand grants patent to TAPCells® technology.

2012. Australia grants patent to TAPCells® technology.

2012. Mexico grants patent to TAPCells® technology.

2012. TAPCells® technology wins the “Tres Mares Innovation Prize” from the Americas Venture Capital Conference investment fund, granted by the University of Florida, Miami, USA.

2012. Oncobiomed awards a CORFO Innova project for TAPCells® technology packaging.

2010. Conicyit, Fondef, and Fondecyt select TAPCells® among the best of 2010 Chilean science.

2010. TAPCells® is selected along with 50 innovation cases in the book “Innovation Made in Chile 2010” published by Cámara de Comercio de Santiago (Santiago Chamber of Commerce) and Fundación País Digital (Digital Country Foundation).

2008. TAPCells® PCT patent application.

2007. TAPCells® patent application in Chile.

2007. TAPCells® becomes part of the catalogue in English edited by CORFO, which synthesizes the “Oferta País” (Country Offer) of companies, products, and services from the field of Biotechnology and Life Sciences.

2007. Technology TAPCells® is chosen to present at the Iberoeka Forum on Biotechnology, Medical-Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Nutraceuticals in Montevideo.

2006. TAPCells® technology gets patenting award for technology businesses with high export potential.

2003. The University of Chile awarded the Fund for the Promotion (FONDEF, in Spanish) of Scientific and Technological Development to the project “Research and Development of Biologic Vaccines for Oncological Immunotherapy”, which allows the Anti-Tumour Immunology Laboratory, led by Dr. Flavio Salazar (PhD), to develop TAPCells® technology. Oncobiomed biotechnology company participates in the project as a partner.